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Steps for Connecting Wiimote to the Computer

The following guide will show you how to connect the Wiimote to your computer with the use of Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.
If your PC has an internal Bluetooth adapter, then you can readily connect the Wiimote.  However, if your PC does not have an internal Bluetooth adapter then you need to use an external

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Bluetooth dongle.

You will find the Bluetooth symbol in the Windows taskbar.  Right click at the symbol / Bluetooth logo and click on “Add a device”.  After that you have to press simultaneously the 1+2 buttons on the Wiimote and you will see your Wiimote’s LEDs blinking the whole time.  When your Wiimote is recognized by the computer, its name will come out as Nintendo RVL-CNT-01.  When that name shows up, you may click on “Next”.
Choose Device Nintendo RVL-CNT-01.
Click on “Pair without using a code” and then wait for a few seconds.
Pair Wiimote without using a code.
It will say, “Connecting with Wiimote” on the screen.
After the configuration is done, then you can now use the Wiimote in Dolphin because Wiimote has been added successfully to the computer.  All you have to do is open Dolphin and then click on the Wiimote button and make certain that the Input Source is set to “Real Wiimote”.  After clicking “Ok”, the Wiimote should vibrate.

Plugin Configuration

If in any case your Wiimote fails to connect properly the first time, here is what you have to do:

Note:  Wiimote has to be reconnected every time you restart your computer.

Pair up the Wiimote automatically.

If you want a more elegant method of connecting your Wiimote to the computer, go to the Wiimote menu where you will see the “Pair Up Real Wiimotes” button.  To pair up the Wiimote, all you have to do is press the Wiimote buttons 1 and 2 and click on “Pair Up Real Wiimotes”, and the Wiimote should be connected after a few seconds.  If it does not get connected, restart Dolphin and try the same procedure again.  Once the Wiimote is connected, refresh by clicking on “Refresh Real Wiimotes”.
For pairing up two or more Wiimotes at the same time, you simply have to click on “Pair Up Real Wiimotes” and “Refresh Real Wiimotes” alternately.